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Marcello Bianchi ( violinist / violist ) and Daniela Demicheli ( piano / harpsichord ) began their artistic collaboration in 1994. Both starter their concert career very young, performing in Italy and in the world as well recording for the main European Radio and Television networks.
In the past twenty years , the duo has held performances at major music centers of Europe, gaining critical acclaim as one of the best chamber ensembles currently on the music scene .
In addition they have been frequently invited to serve on juries in national and international competitions.
The Duo regularly holds Chamber music master classes and courses for strings and piano and strings and harpsichord.
The repertoire of the duo Bianchi- Demicheli , is  rich and diversified, embracing the period from the Baroque period to the present day,  including a special attention to the rediscovery and appreciation of Piedmont classical music.

As cofounders and permanent members since its formation in 1997 of the 'Ensemble Lorenzo Perosi, the two musicians perform internationally premiere , executions and the complete  
 Duo Bianchi Demicheli Biography
recording produced by Bongiovanni label ( Bologna) of Lorenzo Perosis, the tortonese opera composer of chamber music.
Specific studies and individual concert experiences bring the two musicians to devote a large space of their performance activities to the implementation of the Baroque repertoire
In the year 2000 , the Duo founded " L‘Archicembalo " , an Ensemble dedicated to play the music repertoire       
from early Baroque to Classicism in accordance with the practice of the time performing with original instruments .